African Governance Newsletter

We are honoured to bring you the January – June 2017 Edition of the African Governance Newsletter. This issue is unique for a number of reasons. It is our first issue in five years and is the culmination of our efforts to revive this periodic newsletter and contribute to the body of knowledge on democratic governance on the continent.

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Department of Political Affairs at a Glance

The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) of the African Union Commission is responsible for promoting, facilitating, coordinating and encouraging democratic principles and the rule of law, respect for human rights, participation of the civil society and the development process of the continent and the achievement of durable solutions for addressing humanitarian crises.  

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Advancing Democratic and Participatory Governance in Africa ( Arabic Version)

Advancing Democratic and Participatory Governance in Africa

The Department of  Political Affairs (DPA) of the African Union Commission (AUC) was established through the Executive Council Decision Ex/Cl/ Dec.34(III) and AU Assembly Decision Assembly/AU/Dec.22 which were both adopted during the AU Summit held in Maputo, Mozambique in July 2003. From inception, the strategic significance of the DPA as enshrined in the above decisions is unambiguous.

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Beyong rhetoric: Engaging Africa's youth in Democratic Governance

This brief presents an overview of the continental normative framework on youth engagement by the African Union (AU). It argues that there is a disconnect, both in theory and practice, between youth rights and freedoms on the African continent. The brief highlights the important roles of the AU, regional economic communities and member states in meaningfully engaging the youth in governance processes.

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Policy Brief, Young People, Young Women, Africa, Policy Makers

From rhetoric to action: Delivering for young women in Africa

In a world that is highly patriarchal and ageist, young African women between the ages of 15 and 35 find themselves in a conundrum, frequently facing a double burden brought about by their gender and age, and failing through the cracks of government programmes.

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Youth Consultations 2016 Report

Over a period of six weeks, the perspectives of youth from across Africa on the state of human rights in their respective communities were garnered. TheYouth consultations were convened as part of the activities to commemorate the African Union (AU) declaration of 2016 as the ‘Year of Human Rights with a particular focus on the Rights of Women’. The consultations convened under the theme “Promoting Young People’s Rights towards the attainment of Agenda 2063”.

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Executive Summary of Regional Youth Consultations

The Regional Youth Consultations give young people the opportunity to assess, analyze and review progress and challenges faced in the protection and promotion of their human rights at the national, regional and continental levels. In depth conversations have taken place around issues of governance, peace and security; young women’s rights; inclusion, diversity management and popular participation; and employment, mobility and migration.

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Common African Position

The Common African Position (CPA), represents the resolve of Africa’s leaders to address the root causes and progressively reduce the phenomenon of forced displacement on the continent.The CAP which lays emphasis on humanitarian effectiveness in Africa, is therefore a consolidation of the aspirations of African Union Member States and their people, on the desired reforms they want in the global humanitarian architecture to make it more effective and relevant for the future.

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